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Established in 1974, Ticino Restaurant prides itself on being a family operation. Locally owned and operated, our management is shifting to the next generation of family. We employ locally, work with regional partners and enjoy working with others who share our slow food, small town values. 

Our partner, Wild Life Distillery, was established in 2017. These two young entrepreneurs create craft spirits that are clean, fresh and delicious. Located in Canmore Alberta, the faces behind the WildLife bottles are distillers, friends and a part of our community. 

Visit Wild Life Distillery

Our partner, St Hubertus Winery, uses grapes that are grown in some of the oldest vineyards in the Okanagan Valley. Since 1984, the Gebert Family, fellow Swiss Canadians, have been using sustainable farming practices on their 76 acre vineyard to produce outstanding wines that reflects their wine-making roots in Switzerland, with grapes grown in the north Okanagan Valley. Their vineyards are "transition organic" & "salmon safe."


Exclusive to Ticino Restaurant, St Hubertus' “Great Canadian Red” features three of the first grapes used in the beginning of wine making in the Okanagan (Chambourcin, Pinot Noir, M. Foch) creating a fresh, fruity, medium bodied wine with a slight fizz to finish.

Visit St Hubertus Winery

Our partner, Fernie Brewing Co. is passionate and dedicate to making great beer – and the proof is in the product. Located in this small mountain BC town, Fernie Brewing is a home-grown craft-brewery that creates unique, flavourful beer. 

Visit Fernie Brewing Co. 

Our partner, Harmony Beef, has been operating as a family-run business for over 40 years. Located in Balzac, Alberta, this farm has been dedicated to producing superior beef with advanced approaches to harvest, fabrication, animal welfare and a commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship. 

Visit Harmony Beef

Our partner, Banff Tea Co. established in 2007, is Banff’s international tea store of the Rockies. Locally owned and operated, their staff have a passion for infusing, blending and continuously learning about how to create the best tea possible. 

Visit Banff Tea Co. 

Our partner, Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk is located in Lacomb, Alberta. With minimal handling of their animals, as well as no antibiotics, growth promoters, or animal by-products used, Rangeland produces the highest quality bison and elk meat on the market. Their bison & elk spend the majority of their lives in natural habitat, offering large acres to roam and graze as they please. Both elk & bison are naturally low in fat, cholesterol and high in protein offering a healthy, tasty dish.  

Visit Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk

Our partner, Banff Roasting Co. established in 2013, offers the freshest 100% Arabica Small Batch Roasted coffee products available. These local coffee roasters use Sustainable, Organic, Rain Forest, Bird-friendly and Shade Grown beans in an effort to offer you a great local brew.

Visit Banff Roasting Co. 

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