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Our Chefs

Ticino Kitchen 2.jpg
L-R: Mike Masar (Manager), Erwin Widmer, Oliver Garcia (Chef), Benny Samson (Chef), Michael Samson (Head Chef), Romel Cortez (Chef) & Jayson Garm (Chef).

The Dream Team

Head Chef Michael Samson is Swiss trained with over 20 years of experience in the Ticino kitchen. He and his team provide guests with quality, taste and presentation. Using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, their talent flows through every dish. The Ticino kitchen cares about what goes on your plate; the proof is in every bite! 


{The family traditions continue...} 

Filipino-born brothers Michael and Benny Samson moved to Banff in 1994. They were in raised Banff by their mother and Swiss step-father. With culinary post-secondary education and years of working alongside various chefs, including their own step-father, the pair learned what it takes to run a successful kitchen. In 2009, Chef Samson took on the Head Chef position at Ticino and has been running his kitchen ever since. Chef Benny Samson works alongside his brother and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Michael & Benny Samson

Brothers Michael Samson (L) & Benny Samson (R)

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