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A Banff Family Business Since 1979













Since 1979, Erwin Widmer has been owner & host extraordinaire at Ticino. Born and raised in Zürich Switzerland, he immigrated to Canada in 1967. He and his wife chose to settle in Banff and raise their four children. Now, daughter Angela and her husband Louis-Pierre Hélie are injecting their youthful energy into the business, continuing the family tradition. 


Nestled on the main strip of Banff Avenue, just minutes from downtown, Ticino is one the oldest restaurants in Banff and one of the few that are locally-owned and family run. The next generation couple want to ensure Ticino Restauranttwill continue to be one of the most cherished and respected restaurants in Banff National Park.


Louis is a 2010 Olympian and retired Alpine Skiing World Cup racer as well as a former Ski-Cross World Cup skier for Canada. After traveling the world for years, Louis is sharing his experiences as he greets friends and visitors with the warmth and charm of genuine hospitality. 

Join the Widmer-Hélie family + team as we create a memorable dining experience for you. 

Widmer-Helie family photo.jpg

The Widmer-Helie family celebrates 40 years of ownership!
1979 - 2019 (& counting.)

L-R: Angela Helie, Erwin Widmer, Lorrie Widmer, Louis-Pierre Helie, Florina Helie, Matt Widmer, Evia Helie, Heidi Widmer, Philip Widmer.
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