Zuppa alla boscaiola     $11.5

Our famous wild mushroom cream soup


Zuppa “TICINESE”     $11
Original Minestrone

Zuppa del giorno      $11.5
Our fresh daily soup. Please ask your server


Insalata di stagione con bresaola     $14
Mixed green salad with air-dried beef, Brie cheese
and your choice of: Swiss, Italian or Red Beet dressing


Insalata Cesare con pancetta, e Parmigiano Reggiano     $14.5
Crisp Romaine lettuce, house-made Ceasar dressing, bacon, garlic croutons, topped with parmigiano reggiano
*Add sliced chicken breast   $6

Antipasto “TICINO”     $32
Valbella Air-dried beef, Coppa and Gruyère, Emmenthal, Appenzeller & Tête de Moine cheese garnished with baby pickles,

cocktail onions, fruit bread, olives & fruit chutney
 (*recommended shared 2 person)

Formaggio Raclette   $18
Melted “Swiss Raclette” cheese with boiled potato, pickles and pearl onions


Gnocchi alla Ticinese     $19 (appetizer) / $28 (entrée)
House-made Potato Gnocchi with smoked duck breast on a walnut sauce

Ravioli ripeni di vitello     $19 (appetizer) / $28 (entrée)
House-made Veal Ravioli with arugula pesto on a bed of tomato confit, topped with Kalamata olives

Lasagne bisonti macinata     $28
Ground Alberta Bison Lasagna with caramelized onion, Béchamel sauce & Swiss cheese gratiné, served with garlic toast


Frutti de mare     $29
Prawns, scallops, salmon, squid & mussels tossed in our mildly spicy vodka tomato sauce, served over spaghetti with Parmigiano Reggiano

Spaghetti al sugo con verdure grigliate     $24
Spaghetti with house-made meat sauce, garnished with grilled vegetables

*Add garlic toast   $6


Fonduta di formaggio nostrano     $28
A mixture of imported Gruyère & Emmenthal Swiss cheese, served with cubed French bread
(7oz per portion) Order as an appetizer or main course.


Additions to complement your fondue: 

Side of vegetables  $8.5     Side of potatoes  $6.5 

Breaded Schnitzel (5oz)  $20  


Fonduta di carne all’olio
The classic Fondue Bourguignonne, consists of cubed AAA Alberta Beef cooked in hot oil complimented

with a variety of house-made sauces and boiled potatoes (7oz per portion)     $41

(2 portions minimum)


Fonduta “Mar-e-Mont”
Thinly sliced Alberta AAA Beef Strip Loin and shrimp cooked in broth complimented

with a variety of house-made sauces and boiled potatoes (6oz beef & 3 shrimp per portion)     $42
(2 portions minimum)


Petto di pollo “Ticino”     $35
Chicken Breast stuffed with a light goat cream cheese and breaded with hazelnut crumbs, served with our daily starch & a vegetable bouquet


Salmone grigliato     $36
Atlantic Salmon with a macadamia nut crust served on a roasted pumpkin vanilla risotto & vincotto drizzle

Cotoletta alla Viennese     $32
Classic Veal Wiener Schnitzel served with braised red cabbage served with our daily starch & a vegetable bouquet

Vitello Zurighese con salsa di funghi     $35
Veal Emincé Zurich style (wild mushroom sauce) served with Rösti potatoes & a vegetable bouquet

Osso bucco d'cervo (Elk)     $44
Slowly braised Alberta Elk Osso Bucco with wild mushroom jus & orange cremolata, served with house-made spätzli & a vegetable bouquet


Anitra al sidro di mele     $41
Roasted Brome Lake Quebec Duck Breast with a caramelized apple & Calvados sauce, served with our daily starch & a vegetable bouquet


Filetto di manzo al burro aromatizzato   6 oz.    $42
Center cut of Alberta Beef Tenderloin (6 oz.) topped with “Ticino” herb butter served with our daily starch & a vegetable bouquet

Fegato di vitello

Calves Liver with caramelized onions, mushrooms, Rösti potatoes & a vegetable bouquet     $35


**Substitute the starch with Rösti or Spätzli   $3

Add side of Lobster Tail 5 oz.   $20

Add side of Swiss Spätzli or Rösti potatoes   $8
Add side of house-made sauce: Mushroom, Bolognese, Tomato, Demi-glace   $6




Our Head Chef Michael Samson creates special dishes daily. Please ask your server about our:

Pasta del giorno, an ever-changing creation of pasta

Vegetariano del giorno, a fresh vegetarian dish

Sanza glutine del giorno, gluten-free special

Zuppa del giorno, soup of the day

~ ~ ~