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About Ticino Restaurant

Nestled on the main strip of Banff Avenue, just minutes from downtown, Ticino is one the oldest restaurants in Banff and one of the few that are locally-owned and family operated since 1979.

Where does the name "Ticino Swiss-Italian Restaurant" come from? Pronounced "TEE¯CHEE¯NO," Ticino Restaurant is named after the Italian-speaking canton (what we refer to as a province or state in North America) which is called Ticino, and is located in southern Switzerland. Though this canton is in Switzerland, the language, architecture, cuisine and culture is influenced by the neighbouring country of Italy. This region has pristine lakes and beautiful Alpine peaks - similar to Banff National Park. Our Swiss food is influenced by this Swiss-Italian canton & enhanced by local ingredients from Alberta.

At Ticino Restaurant, we offer our guests a true European dining experience. With a warm ambiance, taste authentic, real & quality food in a memorable dining restaurant. With crisp white linen, folded red napkins and a glowing Swiss lantern on the table, our guests truly relax and unwind in our welcoming environment. We pride ourselves on making many of our dishes from scratch.

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